Distribution Planner

While evaluating what to do with your plan balance is an important decision to make, it doesn't have to be a stressful one.

Once you have reviewed the Distribution Calculator, you'll have a better idea of what options you have -- and how to compare them. The Distribution Calculator can help you decide which option is most beneficial to you.

Deciding which distribution option is right for you will require careful consideration. As you review the benefits of each option, you'll want to evaluate whether or not it meets several criteria. You will want to ask yourself if it will (check those options important to you):

Decision Considerations
A. Enable you to avoid current taxes and penalties?
B. Allow easy access to your savings?
C. Allow you to leave your money in the same investments?
D. Provide a source of future income?

The calculators provide hypothetical examples and are not intended to represent past or future performance of a specific investment which cannot be predicted or guaranteed, or to provide specific advice to any individual. Rates of return will vary over time. Those investments offering a higher rate of return also involve a higher degree of risk.

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