IRA Comparison

This calculator helps to determine which type of IRA contribution is appropriate for you given your personal financial information, rate of return and years until retirement.

After you've entered your information below, click the "Calculate" button to determine which IRA type is best for you.

Input - Personal Information
What will your tax filing status be?  
Did you live with your spouse at any time during the year?   Yes   No
Do you participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan1?   Yes   No
Does your spouse participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan1?   Yes   No
What is your estimated Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)2? $
What percentage of your contribution is deductible?  %
How much will you contribute each year?
    Planned annual contribution amount
    Use maximum annual contributions
What is your current income tax rate?  
What is your expected income tax rate at retirement?  
What is your date of birth?  
At what age do you plan to retire?  
What average rate of return do you expect to earn on your IRA investment3?  

1Employer-sponsored retirement plans include 401(k) and 403(b) plans.
2Your MAGI is your adjusted gross income as figured on your federal income tax return, with certain deductions and exclusions added back.
3Use an average rate of return that's appropriate for the mix of investments in your portfolio.

The calculators provide hypothetical examples and are not intended to represent past or future performance of a specific investment which cannot be predicted or guaranteed, or to provide specific advice to any individual. Rates of return will vary over time. Those investments offering a higher rate of return also involve a higher degree of risk.

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